Conference Program: Feminism, Philosophy, and Engaging the Public (October 27-29, 2017)

The conference will be held in on campus at Western University in London, Ontario. For accessibility and AV information about each room, as well as access to an accessibility map to get to the room, please click on the room number).

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Noon   CONFERENCE REGISTRATION AND CHECK-IN BEGINS (Location: Atrium, Physics and Astronomy Building)

1:00-2:15 (PAPERS)

Feminism, Philosophy, and Psychiatry (Location: Physics and Astronomy Building 106)

Raffi Aintablian (Ryerson), A Critique of Complicated Grief Disorder: Insights from Feminist Corporeal Politics

Phoebe Friesen (CUNY), Standpoint Theory and Psychiatry

2:15-2:45   BREAK

2:45-3:25(PAPER) (Location: Physics and Astronomy Building 106)

Andria Bianchi (Waterloo), Sex, Dementia, and Consent: Implementing a Framework of Precedent Autonomy


Public Policy (Location: Physics and Astronomy Building 106)

Contributing to Public Policy: The How, Why, and When (Carolyn McLeod, Western; Shannon Dea, Waterloo; Erica Lawson, Western)

5:15-6:45   BUFFET DINNER (Location: Somerville House, The Garden)

6:45-8:00 Official welcome; presentation of Jean Harvey Essay Award; Keynote Address (Location: 3M Centre 3250)

Keynote: Dr. Francoise Baylis (Dalhousie), Activism and the Hallowed Halls of Academia

8:00   RECEPTION (Location: Somerville House, Green Leaf Cafe)



8:15     CONFERENCE REGISTRATION (Location: Spencer Engineering Building, outside room 2200)

9:00-10:15 (PAPERS)

Feminist Philosophy of Disability (Location: Spencer Engineering Building 2202)

Abby Wilkerson (George Washington), Toward a Crip Queer Perspective on Soil and Social Flesh

Shelley Tremain (Independent Scholar), Bioethics as a Technology of Government

Feminist Philosophy Responds to the Refugee Crisis (Location: Spencer Engineering Building 2200)

Katy Fulfer (Waterloo) and Rita Gardiner (Western), The Syrian Refugee Crisis: Hannah Arendt, Rootlessness, and Natality

Ezgi Sertler (Michigan State), An Incapacity to Respond: Epistemic Dimensions of the Refugee “Crisis”

10:15-10:45    BREAK

10:45-NOON  (PAPERS)

Race, Identity, and Gender (Location: Spencer Engineering Building 2202)

Desiree Melton (Notre Dame of Maryland), Black Girl Burden

Roksana Alavi (Oklahoma), Stereotyping, Racial Identity, and “Inauthentic Selves”

Philosophical and Political Communities and Representation (Location: Spencer Engineering Building 2200)

Katherine Paxman and Kristen Blair (Brigham Young), Hume, Women, and the Pursuit of Philosophical Community

Wendy Salkin (Harvard), Democracy Within, Justice Without: The Duties of Informal Political Representatives

NOON-1:30    CSWIP AGM AND LUNCH (Location: Spencer Engineering Building 2200)

1:30-3:30 (PAPERS)

Feminism, philosophy, and identity (Location: Spencer Engineering Building 2202)

Rebecca Traynor (CUNY), Assumptions about genius and the underrepresentation of women

Madeline Ley (Ryerson), Home is where the self is

Megan Dean (Georgetown), Who you are and how you eat: Identity and the ethics of eating interventions

Feminist Reproductive Ethics (Location: Spencer Engineering Building 2200)

Suki Finn (Southampton), The Metaphysics of Pregnancy and Public Policy

Emma Ryman (Western), Physicians’ Fiduciary Duties and Surrogacy

Diane LaLonde (Western), Women and Sterilization

3:30-4:00    BREAK

4:00-5:30 (PANELS)

Feminist Philosophy of Sport (Location: Spencer Engineering Building 2202)

Sport, Philosophy, and Feminism: Persistent Problem and Emerging Issues (Pam Sailors, Missouri State; Angela Schneider, Western; Sarah Teetzel, Manitoba; Charlene Weaving, St. Francis Xavier)

Book Panel (Location: Spencer Engineering Building 2200)

Foucault and Feminist Philosophy of Disability by Shelley Tremain (Catherine Clune Taylor, Jane Dryden, Melinda Hall, Shelley Tremain)

6:00-9:00    BANQUET (Location: Spencer Hall Dining Room)


9:15-11:00 (PAPERS)

Identity and Embodiment (Location: Spencer Engineering Building 2202)

Stephanie Kapusta (Dalhousie), Relational Gender Essences: “Swamp-women” and Trans Inclusion

Catherine Clune Taylor (Princeton), Feminist Approaches to Intersex

Feminism, Justice, and Democracy (Location: Spencer Engineering Building 2200)

Christine Koggel (Carleton), The Telling and Retelling of Injustices: Silencing, Marginalizing, Not Hearing

Susan Dieleman (Saskatchewan), Data Truth and Democracy

Vanessa Leham-Streisel (York), Can Policing Be Feminist?

11:00-11:30 BREAK

11:30-1:00 (PANELS)

Book Panel (Location: Spencer Engineering Building 2202)

Against Purity by Alexis Shotwell (Suze Berkhout, Toronto; Alexis Shotwell, Carleton; Michael Doan, Eastern Michigan; Ami Harbin, Oakland; Kelly Fritsch, Toronto)

Climate Issues in Philosophy (Location: Spencer Engineering Building 2200)

Wenches in Trenches: What we learned in forming a “climate” committee (Guelph: Monique Deveaux, Karyn Freedman, Patricia Sheridan, Andrew Bailey, Orsolya Csaszar, Marie-Pier Lamay)


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